Shoe Shopping with Rachelle Bergstein... lucky me!

Who doesn't love shoes?  I honestly can't think of any woman I know who doesn't jump at the chance to shop for shoes, but have you ever really thought about how the very large and diverse women's shoe departments came to be?  Neither did I until I met author Rachelle Bergstein.

Rachelle recently wrote "Women from the Ankle Down:  The History of Shoes and How They Define Us".  It is has been getting rave reviews for her fun and witty look at the history of the women's shoes in the nineteenth century.  Even more interesting, how the history of our shoes has mirrored women's changing roles throughout the 1900's... definitely a must read this summer!

I had the pleasure of shoe shopping with Rachelle at my local Neiman Marcus.  Not only is Rachelle completely fabulous, she takes shoe shopping to an entirely new level.  Her knowledge and the way she appreciates each individual shoe's design is very cool.

After I finish her book, I think I just might go back and re-watch the entire Sex and the City series...

To read more about my shopping trip with Rachelle, check my post on NMdaily.

                                                 - Allison

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