Hair How-to: The Fishtail

When it comes to keeping cool, sometimes it isn't your clothing that is the problem.  Unless you have a chic little bob, what do you do with your hair on a sweltering day?  If you are at all like me, it can be quite an issue.  I am completely challenged in the art of hair styling, and I would give anything for some new ideas on a hot day.  Let's just say a ponytail, a knot and a basic braid get a bit old after awhile.

This has gotten me thinking about braiding my hair.  It has been quite a popular trend lately, but we aren't talking about your basic french braid.  The styles that I have seen take braiding to a whole new level.  Some looks are very complicated, while others seem quite possible for those challenged in skill and time.  Why not give them a shot, right?

To beat the summer heat, I plan on sharing with you some of my fave styles during the summer. However, since I am still perfecting my technique, I will link you to my favorite posts rather than demonstrate myself.  Believe me, you don't want to see that!

Right now I am dying to try fishtailing.  It's funny... I vaguely remember doing this to my hair aeons ago, but now it's time for a refresher course.  This fashionable cousin of the braid is definitely a must have for your repertoire.  From A Beautiful Mess...

Click here for full instructions...

The weekend is the perfect time to try and perfect your look.  Good luck!

                                                                                                                    - Allison        

*Photos courtesy of abeautifulmess.typepad.com.

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