Outfit Idea: The White Tee

Yesterday afternoon, I was covered in mud as I tried to plant flowers in between the passing downpours.  As soon as the rain would let up and the sun started to peek through, I grabbed my wellies and yellow rubber gloves and ran outside to attempt to plant as many flowers as possible.  There isn't much to this story other than I looked completely ridiculous.  To make things worse, I was up to my elbows in mud when my husband told me that we had to be ready for dinner in 15 minutes!

The first thing that ran through my mind was "Sh*#!".  What was I going to wear?  And, I had to get the girls dressed too!  There was no time to try and put together some cute outfit, I literally had to throw on clothes.  Thankfully, I had just purchased a fresh white crewneck tee.  

I have not relied on a white tee in quite some time, more or less because my selection has been nothing to speak of... holes, yellowing armpits, stretched out necklines... we have all been there, right?!  Well, in attempt to keep myself from rambling on, the point of my story is that I had forgotten how handy a white tee can be!

Thankfully we were heading to our local Italian restaurant, so the dress code is fairly casual.  I grabbed my boyfriend khaki's... easy and relaxed - there was absolutely no time for ironing.

To dress up my rather plain ensemble, I added my frog necklace.  Fun and colorful - it is a perfect summer necklace.  It has already been a lifesaver in many situations, and it is only the beginning of June!

Now I needed shoes... I was dressed so casually that I didn't want to wear flip flops.  Thankfully I had just gotten my new ankle-wrap sandals!

Yes, it is basic.  Overall, though, I was very happy with what I threw together.  Sometimes the best looks are the most simple and chic.  It is also a good lesson in the importance of the white tee... it is a great canvas for a fabulous statement necklace.

                                                - Allison
*Photo courtesy of jcrew.com.

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