Beat the Heat: It's all about the Fabric!

It certainly didn't take very long, did it?  Summer has begun, and coming in right on its heels is the oppressive heat.  I know that in my neck of the woods, where it is humid and hot, all cares about fashion go right out the window at about 90 degrees and above.  It isn't a surprise due to the fact that you feel like you are walking around in a wet blanket and dripping with sweat all of the time.

Unfortunately there isn't much you can do to beat the heat. If you are lucky enough to be by a pool, ocean or have very strong air conditioning, it's not so bad.  For everyone else, I have one little secret that might help keeping you look good... washable silk.

I have come to discover that washable silk becomes your best friend during a heat wave.  It is light, airy, doesn't cling and can get wet... no worries.  Technically, the garments may not be 100% silk.  Sometimes you might find a cotton/silk combo or possibly modal/silk, etc... it doesn't matter.  The key is that there is a silky smoothness to the fabric that keeps it from being clingy... such as a cotton tank might feel when you start to get hot and a little sweaty.

I realized this a few years back when I purchased a sundress at J.Crew.  Not for the material, but because it was on sale, pretty and had a loose fit (I had just had a baby).  I soon discovered that this was one of my best purchases ever... the breeze blows right through it, it doesn't stick to me and if I get it wet, it dries quickly.  I have come to depend on this dress every summer, and when I am finished wearing it, I throw it in the wash.

Once I discovered the beauty of this fabric, I am always on the lookout for new pieces.  Unfortunately I haven't been able to find too many, but J.Crew usually seems to have a few...

The Silk Cami - in other words, your new best friend.  This went to Disney me last year and was a life saver.  I would have one if every color if I could, however, they always sell out quickly.

The Silk Ruffle Cami is a new addition at J.Crew, but serves the same purpose.  Its a bit more professional looking, and could take you from the office (layered) and then out on the town (add earrings, ditch the outer layer).

I am in love with this Silk Stripe Maxi Dress.  Perfect as a beach cover up or for just looking cool while hanging out.

I have recently discovered that Boden makes quite a few lighter weight, silk blend pieces. They are on the more conservative side, but perfect for those heading into the office everyday.  One of my favorites from Boden is the Glamorous Maxi.  Shhh... it's on sale!

There is really no easy way to look good when you are sweating buckets (just sayin'), but at least washable silk can help!

                                                                                                                      - Allison
*Photos courtesy of jcrew.com and bodenusa.com.

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