Outfit Idea: Afternoon Delight

What to wear?  A very familiar question that we find ourselves asking constantly.  For me, it happens more when I am faced with daytime event.  They type of event that doesn't require a "business look", casual clothes won't work and something that I would wear out to dinner just doesn't seem appropriate.

These occasions always seem to pop up randomly, but definitely more so in the summer.  Bridal showers, lunches, afternoon birthday parties, bbq's... you would think I would be more prepared by now, but for some reason I always feel that I am lacking in this category.

My lack of daytime ensembles has put me in quite a pickle.  I am meeting with an author at Neiman Marcus tomorrow afternoon (more on that later!), and I want to look cute... chic.  But, obviously not like I tried too hard, and I would like to be a bit unique.

Sooo, it is time to think outside the box.  I am sure that I have the right pieces... I just need to put them together differently.  Well, at least I have nice weather on my side.

I am still on my shorts kick, so that might be a good option.  However, I have been wearing my yellow shorts on many occasions.  They might need a break this weekend.  Since I have been doing the brights a lot lately, what if I went with pastels...
I love this peach sweater from Club Monaco... especially the bow in the back.

Oh, and I love a good snake print to complement pastels...

Silver and pearls would be a good accent...

I think I like it...

So much so, I could swap the heels for sandals and wear it to run errands!

                                        - Allison

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