We All Need A Little Billy Reid

I have been dying to write about designer Billy Reid since last summer.  I was working on a menswear article at the time, and fell in love with his style.  However, a women's line was still in the works.  Since then, Billy Reid's line has gotten better and more focused.  Now, it's time to introduce you to Billy Reid.

Billy Reid was born in Louisiana, and now calls Florence, Alabama home.  He is an extremely talented designer who won both the GQ & CFDA Best New Designer of the Year award and the Vogue/CFDA Fashion Fund award in the same year (the first designer to do this).  Accolades aside, his design aesthetic is the perfect mix of his southern roots and chicness perfect for city life.  His signatures include a nod to the seventies, natural fabrics - linen, cotton, leather & suede and soft, dusty color schemes.  This all equates to a refreshing take on womenswear.

As I was trying to decide the best way to write about Reid, Ralph Lauren kept coming to mind.  Just as the Ralph Lauren brand brings this "Hamptons meets the West" lifestyle to mind, Reid's brand is all about a lifestyle.  When I think of Billy Reid, I envision myself in a movie... somewhere in the South in a big old beautiful house.  I am having friends over for a large gathering, and my backyard looks like something straight out of a rustic Pottery Barn outdoor setting.  All of my guests (including myself) are dressed and styled in a perfectly cool, a little retro and a touch rock 'n roll, but don't look we tried way with a Southern twist.  We sit around late into the night as someone plays guitar and we all sing and have a blast.  Doesn't it sound nice?!  I think it might be time to invest in a few Billy Reid pieces...

Here are several looks from his Spring 2012 presentation...

I can't forget his wedges, they are to die for!

Reid's womenswear is available on his website.  Go, check it out now!

                                                                                                                              - Allison

*Photos courtesy of style.com and billyreid.com.

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