Spring Trends Made Easy

There are many reasons why I love Neiman Marcus.  Most obvious - the fabulous fashion and accessories (that I wish I could purchase!).  Another reason might have to do with winning the Rachel Zoe contest last summer... it was such a wonderful/memorable/fabulous experience!  The respect given to the blogging community is also another feather in the NM cap.  Along with their own fab blog NMdaily, of which I am now a contributor!

All of these reasons aside, NM does a great job taking a stand on the trends each season.  Courtesy of Ken Downing and his team, NM provides us with the most important trends in a simplified and straightforward manner.  These trends are then used as an outline all season.  You will find them on their website, in the NM Look Book and most importantly in the store.  Think of it as "Fashion Trends for Dummies"... genius!

If you happen to live close to a store, the trends are presented each season with informal modeling... a great way to bring it all to life.  One of the bonuses of living close to Manhattan is that the NJ stores get a visit from Kareen Mallet each season.  Kareen is the Senior Ready-To-Wear Women's Fashion Director of NM and Bergdorf's... sounds like a dream job, right?!

Well, last week she visited the Paramus store.  The outline for the presentation was as follows:

1. Yellow: The New Neutral 
2. Pinks 
3. Fancy Pants 
4. The Dramatic Earring 
5. The Clutch 
6. Silver Shoes 
7. Prints 
8. Tribal 
9. Sports Influence 
10. The Spring Face 

I promise to go into more detail on this list in the following weeks.  For now, use this as a guide when you begin to add new pieces to your wardrobe this season.  Not only for everyday ensembles, but also for formal wear.  This list actually ties in to my gown presentation that I did for the Short Hills store.  Once you have a good understanding of "the List", apply it every time you get dressed.  Try to add an element of color, accessorize with silver instead of gold or possibly start mixing a couple of prints to create a fab new look.

A big Thank You to Neiman's to help making it much easier to be fashionable this season!

                                                                                                                            - Allison

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