Between Seasons: What to Wear?

With the sun shining, my windows open and a current temp of 64 degrees, I am having just as hard time writing this post as I did packing for a skiing trip last week.  The entire point of this post was to share how I dressed up some of my sweaters as I struggled to get back into "cold weather mode".  You might not need this advice today, but file it away for when the temp dips a bit.  

Anywho, last week I headed up to Tremblant (in Canada) with my hubs, the girls and friends for several days of skiing.  As far as the trip goes -  it was fabulous, the village - enchanting and the skiing - great.  I highly recommend it for anyone looking for a new place to ski.  But, this really isn't about the skiing... it's about the clothes.

I always struggle with packing for a ski trip.  It isn't about to wear about when skiing, I feel like I have that covered (*thin wool sweaters are a great alternative to Under Armour type layers).  I really have issues with what to wear in the evenings.  I am a person who likes to dress up.  Given the choice of a skirt or jeans, I will always take the skirt.  However, this is not always the best option when you are dealing with freezing temps, icy walkways and carting the kids around.   

My ultimate goal is to mix up my super casual clothes with a couple of dressier pieces...  this time around I did luck out with the weather.  Canada was having warmer than normal weather as well.  It was still cold, but not freezing, therefore I have more freedom with what to pack!  

First up, I have this angora sweater from Club Monaco that I love!  It is warm, but not an overwhelming sweater.  It is 3/4 sleeves so I can stack bracelets, and it hits at the waist which allows me to wear it with skirts and jeans.  

This silk tank from J.Crew works perfectly as a layering piece with my sweater.  It will pair perfectly with skinny dark jeans and my Sorel boots.

For evening, I am planning on wearing my sweater with my "vintage" green skirt from Club Monaco.  It hits below the knees and will be perfect for a "rugged meets elegant" look.  

Besides my heavy duty snow boots, I am going to take my trusty Frye boots, and that's it... except for my flip flops (for the jacuzzi).  These boots will look great with the skirt as well as jeans.

My goal was to pack dressier, warmer sweaters.  I love this Club Monaco sweater otherwise known as my "sexy sweater".  It has a low back, metallic thread woven throughout and is great by itself or layered over a tank.  In colder weather, I thought a sequin tank would be perfect complement.

I can't forget my fur collar and a white v-neck tee.  When in doubt I can wear this combo with anything.

This slip skirt has been everywhere with me (even on my honeymoon!).  I have worn it with flip flops and heels.  It is a great piece to pack in case of an evening where you just don't feel like wearing jeans.  It would be perfect with my white tee, fur collar and boots.

Besides this I will take a heavy cardigan that I can belt and a sweater dress (*sweater dresses and tights are a great alternative to a sweater and leggings).  I don't need much jewelry... a bracelet, my watch a big cocktail ring and a pair of larger earrings... that's it!  My goal is to always have pieces that I can mix and match.  I like the ability to "play" with my clothes.  I don't usually plan every outfit ahead of time. 

The best part about these new combos is that they are not limited to ski country.  I can wear them now - especially with these in between temps.  Why not wear a silky skirt with rugged boots and a tee or sweater to run the girls around?  What's the point of having these great pieces if we are just letting them gather dust in the far corner of our closets!

Take advantage of the weather now to wear those heavy sweaters in a different way.  Pair with skirts, dresses, cropped pants or boyfriend jeans.  This is a great time to ditch the boots & jeans combo and pull out the flats.  Or, wear your boots with skirts and dresses and leave the tights at home.  Have a little fun with your clothes!

                                                                                                                                    - Allison

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