Between Seasons: Old Favorites with a Twist

Nothing squashes your creativity like your husband going out of town for 5 days... I am pooped!  I have been trying to sit down to put together a post, and cannot quite gather enough energy to accomplish this not particularly difficult task.  Not only cannot write a post, I have had an equally difficult time putting together some fun looks.

I guess we all get stuck in a rut at one time or another, but I think the extremely warm weather and the fact that I have not done any spring shopping might be part of the problem.  With the beginning of a new season, I need some fresh blood to get my creative juices flowing.

In the midst of all this, I had a bridal shower to attend on St. Patty's Day.  It was going to be a gorgeous day with a group of fab ladies and I had nothing to wear!  Normally I would have gone shopping for some sort of new piece... top, skirt, dress, etc.  However this time around there was no time.  As you can imagine, with feeling so drained, I was having a serious case of stylist's block!

After spending a good hour trying on various combinations, I finally pulled out an old friend.  A beautiful strapless dress (fitted bodice, straight skirt) with a print that I love!  My only issue was that I have a serious void in the jacket department.  I have yet to find a navy blazer that fits really well, and I don't have a brown leather jacket (which I have decided would solve all of my problems).

Back to my point, I layered a slub cotton ivory long sleeve tee and stuck that under my dress. I added my trusty brown leather belt and my new Madewell booties.  I kept the jewelry simple - gold hoops and an oversized cocktail ring.  All in all I felt pretty good.  I would have liked to wear something new, but when that is not possible it is always a good idea to fall back on a pieces that you love.  No matter what, at least you feel good when you wear one of your favorites.

Lesson learned:  When in doubt, reach for something you love and start to think outside the box.  A new twist on an old classic equals something completely original!

                                                                                                                             - Allison

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