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Just about twenty years ago a nylon tote with a leather handle and snap flap was born.  It was just a slip of a thing that could fold (origami style) in order to make it easy to pack.  The colors were inspired by Mexico, the leather from Russia.  Le Pliage took the world by storm and nothing has ever been the same.

Growing up in Ohio, back in the time of dial-up internet connections and "you've got mail", Longchamp was not a brand in my repertoire.  Not until my first internship in NYC did I catch a glimpse of the famous nylon tote that I immediately coveted.  By the end of college I owned my first Le Pliage... the black tote that I used as my everyday black bag (it was great to take out!).  My first big tote (in pink) came when before I got married.  I carried that bag all over Spain, France and Italy... it even made it to Morocco!  While pregnant I decided early on that I was not going to carry a "baby bag".  So, I purchased a large brown and black tote... I still use them for my girls to this day (they are just about 4 & 6).  I am still waiting for my really large tote... it would be so great for travel...

When it comes to defining something as a classic, this bag should be used as an example.  Very simple in shape(s), it stands the test of time.  A woman carrying this bag always looks chic, never out of style.  The simplicity is the key.  There aren't any labels or trendy gimmicks... nothing to make it look like last year's model.

The only thing better than the Le Pliage might just be the Le Pliage Cuir... the Le Pliage in leather!  That's right, Longchamp just introduced this famous tote in leather.  I just about died when I found out!  Let's just say that my birthday is right around the corner, and you know what I would like... hint, hint (maybe my husband just might read this today!).

For anyone looking for a bag to invest in, I recommend the Le Pliage Cuir.  The decision on size is personal.  For me, the bigger the better... in handbags, that is...

                                                                                                                                - Allison

*Photos courtesy of longchamp.com.

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