To Wear or Not To Wear

Fabulous in my closet or yours...

They are a cross between loafers, oxfords, and slippers.  They occasionally resemble a pair of expensive TOM's, and are referred to as tuxedo flats, smoking flats or slipper flats.  If you still aren't sure what I am talking about, it is a flat characterized by a higher vamp.  Most versions look like a pair of slippers that a man wearing a smoking jacket and silk pajamas might wear.  I picture him relaxing in front of the fire with a whiskey in one hand and a pipe in the other.

Menswear is a big trend this fall, especially in footwear.  Penny loafers, brogues and now smoking flats (my term of choice) are everywhere, especially on the feet of bloggers and fashionistas.  The question is - do you like them?  Are you ready to trade in your Reva's for a pair of smoking flats?  

Hmmm, before deciding, it is important to take a minute and think about your wardrobe.  These shoes are only going to look hip and current if you are combining them with your clothing in unexpected ways.  Flirty skirts, short fluid frocks, or a chic pair of slim ankle-length pants would all be great choices for these shoes.  The style of clothing that you pair with this shoe is very important.  Some versions of the smoking flat have the tendency to look like flats that were sitting in my closet (or was it my mom's...) in the early '90's.  If you happen to pull a pair of pants, jeans or even a skirt out of your closet that may have come from that decade, I would definitely think twice about wearing these shoes.

These could take you places...

Another point to consider... ballet flats are a classic.  There is something so simple and clean about them that they will always be a staple.  I don't see the smoking flats having the same staying power as the ballet flat.  Therefore, do not go crazy.  Just buy one pair.  This will give you a bit of variety and add a little excitement to your life.  Especially if your weekday uniform consists of your clothing (whatever that may be) and ballet flats.  I know it gets old rather quickly when there is not much of a change day-to-day in what you are wearing.

If you decide to purchase, my suggestion would be to opt for a pair of animal print smoking flats.  As you all know, animal prints are a must have now and forever.  Something about the combination of this style with the print makes for a very cool, modern look.  So go ahead... try them out and have fun!  Let me know how it works out... post pics on my Style Direction facebook page.  I can't wait to see them!

                                        - Allison

*Shoes pictured...
 - House of Harlow "Kye" Flats at Shopbop
 - Dolce Vita "Narika" Embossed Flats at Shopbop
 - Sam Edelman "Alvin" Smoking Flats at Bloomingdales
 - Loeffler Randall "Blaise" Smoking Loafers at Bloomingdales
 - Sam Edelman "Alvin" Smoking Flats at Shopbop

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