For the Love of Neutrals

Color, color, color!  Everyone has been a bit consumed with color, as have I, but what if you are not a color person?!  I do know they exist... my mom, Patty, is a prime example.  Her closet is full of khaki, grey, brown and black pants... every shade imaginable (although, I am pretty sure she only wears her Minnie's).  Her tops follow in the same manner, whether they are tee's, blouses, sweaters or t-neck sweaters (Patty loves a good t-neck sweater!).  It isn't that she never wears a bright color, but when she does it is strategic. It is done to add some interest here and there... a lavender belt (which I tend to borrow when I visit), a bright green sweater, pinky/persimmon pieces here and there... you get my point, right?!

Since Patty doesn't naturally gravitate to color, she plays with texture, neutral prints, shades of a color and accessories to make her look more interesting.  Python prints, leopard, metallics... all of these are used to add a little umph! to an otherwise ordinary khaki pants & white tee combo.  Patty even bought a pair of animal print oxfords several years ago... impressive!  These little extras that she adds here and there keep her look from feeling stale.  And that, my friends, is the key to playing the neutral game.

If you consider yourself a lover of neutrals, hold your ground this fall.  This is a big year for color, but neutrals will always be the foundation.  Just remember to play with texture (add a little tweed, mohair or sumptuous silk) and pattern (stripes, plaids, animal prints).  Don't be afraid to play with varying shades or tones of the color (mix and match an outfit with different tones of the same color - it makes for a much more interesting look).  For the final touch, make sure your accessories... jewelry, belts, bag and shoes add a little punch too!

I found some street style pics to inspire and clarify...

A little Michael Kors Fall 2011 helps as well...

I could go on for days about neutrals, but I wanted to briefly touch on the basics.  With all of this talk of color, I had to make sure that the neutral people weren't left out!  I will have to revisit this topic another day.

                                           - Allison

*Photos courtesy of whowhatwear.com, waynetippet.com, style.com

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