A new found friend... the Tunic

As many of you know, I have been going on and on for months now about how much I love maxi skirts and dresses!  I still do, but for some occasions they don't quite feel appropriate.  In my line of work I don't really have to worry about dress codes.  I can wear maxi's everyday... to run errands, write blog posts, meet with a client... totally acceptable.  But, for the typical working woman, I am fairly certain that she is not as agreeable with me on this topic.  Therefore, I would like to introduce a newer love of mine, the tunic.

DVF' Squaretan Dress - love!!!

Yes, a tunic is the name give to several different types of clothing, those of which are all varying lengths.  Most of us are more familiar with a longer style of shirt that is worn over pants or leggings.  However, some tunics (there seem to be quite a few this fall) that are actually long enough to wear as a dress, yet can also be worn over pants.  Brilliant!  The basic style for the tunic is more of a long and loose silhouette.  Worn as a dress it will be shorter (it really depends on your height), but most styles are not too short for the office.  The breeziness and lack of structure is perfect for the versatility of the tunic.  This shape allows you to wear it loose with long pendants or scarves, belted, layered over long sleeve tee's or t-necks with tights or pants.  The options really are limitless.

Gestuz Blue Marble Print Tunic Dress

I was recently inspired by the tunic after receiving a silk version from one of my favorite brands... Tucker.  The tunic is almost to my knees (I did size up), which is great to add a bit of length and more of a relaxed fit.  The only problem is that it is a tad sheer, but that is easily solved with a neutral color slip (a colorful one could be added for some fun!).  Originally I had been very excited by this being such a good transition piece for the fall.  I wasn't even thinking about the fact that it is a perfect piece to wear all year!

Tucker's Long Silk Tunic... a must-have!!!

As far as the versatility, I recently wore it a networking event as a dress with some cute wedges.  I am also thinking about taking it with me to LA to meet RZ!  I would wear it with some booties and possibly a belt. Then I thought about how great it would look with a waffle knit long sleeve tee underneath and my faux fur vest.  Over skinny jeans it will look great, and I might be able to belt it and wear it over my wide legged jeans as well!  You really can't beat a piece of clothing that is going to take you this far.  I am definitely planning on adding a few more to my collection... you should too!
                                             - Allison

*photos courtesy of dvf.com, asos.com, bergdorfgoodman.com

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