The Month of Zoe

Since the birth of her adorable baby Skyler this past March, we haven't heard or seen much about Rachel Zoe.  Maybe it was due to a much deserved maternity leave, or was it more about lying low in preparation for the RZ media blitz that is upon us as we speak.  On the eve of the launch of her much anticipated fall collection (select pieces are already available at Neiman Marcus), RZ is everywhere.  I am not quite sure how she does it, but she is doing a very large amount of publicity for her new clothing line (plus prepping for the Spring show), she just announced plans for a children's line, she is endorsing Exude lip stick, the 4th season of her Bravo show is debuting September 6, you can't forget her QVC line and there are rumors of a home accessories line and another TV show... phew, I am out of breath!

As exciting as all of these ventures are, I am here to discuss her new collection (of which I am a huge fan).  But, I must say that the photographs do not do the clothes justice.  When I first saw the photos earlier this year, I thought that the clothes were nice.  They definitely reminded me of RZ's signature look (jackets, blouses, flared pants, bohemian style dresses, faux fur, sequins), but I wasn't chomping at the bit to buy anything.  Then, I entered the "Oh So Zoe" styling contest (I couldn't resist).   It was a contest that Neiman Marcus held as a promotion for the launch of her new line, and that is when my opinion started to change...

As I played around with the various pieces in the line, they started to grow on me.  I began to realize the genius behind the collection.  Each piece could potentially be a classic in any woman's wardrobe.  Just as Zoe has said that this collection had been inspired by her own vintage pieces that she continues to wear, you are going to be able to wear and re-wear her clothes in many different ways over the years.  Not only does the potential longevity of these clothes make them a smart purchase, but they look good too!  I am partial to the well-tailored blazers and amazing outerwear, but the pants, the dresses and the blouses are just as fabulous.

As if I weren't excited enough, I was at Neiman's this past weekend and finally got the chance to see the clothes in person.  RZ is not reinventing the wheel, but she has put her styling experience to good use.  She is an expert at knowing the types of pieces women need in their wardrobes.  She is very knowledgeable about quality craftsmanship and fabric.  And, most importantly, she has a good eye.  She designs beautiful pieces that can be styled in so many different ways... in other words, she knows how to design a piece to stand the test of time.

My recommendation to you is to get yourself to a store carrying RZ asap!  You will fall in love when you see the clothes in person.  Just wait to you see the Bonnie Cashin inpired cape... I die!

                                             - Allison

*Photos courtesy of style.com.

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