Fabulous Color!

At this point in the year (or season), I am completely sick of my clothes.  Don't you get to that point where you feel like you have worn the same outfit so many times that you never want to see it again?!  The only time that this feeling is worse, is when you are pregnant.  Why?  When you are at the end of your pregnancy, the last thing you want to do is buy new clothes.  It is the same way that you feel about buying a summer dress in the middle of August (wouldn't the money be better spent on a new bow blouse for fall?!).  But, I digress.  It is just that at this time of the year, you can't wear many of the fall offerings, but you still have weddings, dinners, or a night out in which you need something to wear.

This post came about as I was assisting a client find a new way to wear a fabulous dress for an upcoming wedding.  Seriously, we all get tired of our nude pumps after awhile (I am sure that Kate Middleton is sick of her's by now!).  It isn't that we don't want to wear them again, it is just that we need a break.  One of the best accessories trends this fall to wear now is saturated color.  Whether it is shoes or handbags, it is time to have fun with color.  This ties into a previous post (True Blue), but I wanted to add a few pieces that will add value to any wardrobe!

First there is the Ivanka Trump Animal Print Pump...

This girl knows how to make a good looking shoe at a decent price (under $150!).

Then there is the absolutely amazing Dolce Vita Suede Pump...

And, it's under $200.  Jackpot!

As far as great clutches in bright colors, plus, a very cool animal print, look no further than Claire Vivier.

There are two versions of CV's clutch of which I am a fan... the flat and the foldover.  The green is the only image that I could get large enough to post, but you must check out her website.  The choice in colors will have you drooling, I promise! 
Two great ways to update your look with color.  Try one, or both, and have fun!
                                                                                                                     - Allison 
*Photos courtesy of bloomingdales.com, heels.com, seevivier.com.

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