Beautiful Bags, a Good Cause

I have been on an endless quest to find the perfect the bag. For some reason I can't quite find what I am looking for...  My criteria is not that rigid, or is it that I am just too picky?  Hmmm, let's see... I don't want to spend a $1,000, I would prefer a bag without labels, I need something big, and I would like a strap long enough to wear it messenger style.  I do like the style of the Marc by Marc Jacobs bags, and who doesn't love Tory Burch, but I really would like a bag that everyone else isn't carrying.  Something a bit more unique would be perfect.

Out of the blue, or maybe it was fate, a friend of mine started raving about a handbag line out of Brooklyn. She told me that they were made of the yummiest leather, and that you wouldn't be able to buy just one... she already has 4!  Maybe you have heard of the line, Corrente?!  If not, you must check them out now!!!  Let me just say that I went to the website and immediately wanted to buy 4 bags myself, no joke!  They are perfect.  Buttery leather, they have style but are not overdone, and the color choices are fab!

After visiting the Corrente website, I quickly realized what my bag issue is really all about... I am looking for too much in one product.  Perhaps I need to purchase several different bags for my various needs (now I just need to convince my husband of this as well!).  I would start with the Travail... a large tote perfect for work, a day out with the kids or travel.

Then I would use the Array... a good size bag with an adjustable strap that is perfect to use as a messenger bag.  I would use this daily while running errands.  Especially when I need my hands free to hold my girls' hands.

When I am out and about by myself and want to look a bit more polished, I would grab the Verve... a satchel that is a perfect size to carry everything you need (most importantly a camera, notebook and ipad!).

And, for date nights or a girl's night out, I must have the Marlow... the perfect clutch and I love the blue!

What makes Corrente so special is not only their beautiful bags, it is the people behind the brand.  The design and marketing team consists of two very creative people.  The production team is made up of three highly skilled people.  And, all of the materials are sourced locally (except for the Italian leather, of course!).  Everything is made in Brooklyn.  How cool, unique and special.  In a world where most everything is produced overseas, it is so great to see a company that feels so strongly about supporting their community.

Now that you have fallen in love with Corrente, they need your help.  In order to keep their production in Brooklyn, they need a little monetary support.  They have signed up with Kickstarter (a funding platform) to raise $8,000.  The kicker at Kickstarter is that the all of the money must be raised by a specific date, or the company in need of the funds gets nothing.  Corrente is less than $5,000 from their goal and they have 20 days left (the money must be raised by 9 am on Monday, August 29th!).  Please click HERE and support a good cause!  You can make a donation for as little as $10... you won't even miss it.  I bet you will sleep much better knowing that you were able to contribute to keeping jobs in Brooklyn!  
                                       - Allison                                                                                 
*photos courtesy of shopcorrente.com

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