Trend Alert: The Classic Clutch

Every season the powers that be proclaim the "it" handbag of the season.  While all of the fashionista's bury themselves in debt trying to keep up with all of the latest proclamation, the rest of us search around for the perfect lower priced version. The never ending cycle of the fashion world... exhausting!

For this exact reason, there was a collective sigh of relief when the news started to spread late this winter that the clutch was the bag to have this spring.  Why, do you ask?  Well, for starters, the clutch is something that I would say 99% of us already own.  Plus, if you would like to add a new a clutch to your collection, you won't break the bank - great clutches are sold at every price point.  Last, but not least, the clutch has some serious staying power.  This is a classic style of handbag. It is not going anywhere... ever.

With that being said, the amount you use a clutch is based on your lifestyle.  If you are just a nighttime user of the bag, you probably don't need too many... black, animal and/or python print, a metallic, possibly a color, and a summer version (i.e. straw or cork).  If you are a daytime and nighttime user, you might need a larger variety of styles... oversize, small, structured, etc. in a well-chosen assortment of colors and prints.

Now, that you are going to be noticing clutches everywhere you go for the next few days, I want to introduce you to Claire Vivier.  She is a French handbag designer who lives in LA.  She started her handbag line due to the fact that she couldn't find functional laptop cases that were also stylish.  Now, she has a fabulous line of handbags that are bold yet clean and classic.  They are well-crafted, but still affordable.  In other words, a must have this spring!

Just to give you an idea of why I love Claire Vivier so much, here are a few fab images I found online...

For a full assortment of colors and styles, you must check out the Claire Vivier website.  You won't be sorry, promise!

                                                                                                                      - Allison
*Photos courtesy of seevivier.com, paloma81.blogspot.com, pinterest.com.

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