Trend Alert: The Short List

My new found obsession with shorts has led me to discover some really cute styles, but I am still searching for the perfectly affordable pair.  With that being said, there is a great trend out there that you may or may not be aware of... shorts for evening.  Now this isn't some colossal discovery of which I should be awarded some prestigious honor, rather just another option to switch up your look a bit.

Shorts are such a great alternative... comfortable, versatile and a great way to show off your gorgeous gams, but beware of a few important rules.

1.  Do not wear "mini" shorts unless you are in your twenties with a really well-toned lower half.  Remember, it is not sexy to show off your cheeks or pockets.  And, a 2" inseam is short.

2.  It is okay for shorts to be a little loose.  On the other end of the spectrum from buying your jeans a size too small due to stretch - shorts look much better with some wiggle room.  You might even want to try a size bigger than you usually wear, depending on the style...

3.  Have fun with different styles, but keep the fabric dressier for evening wear.  Silk, brocade, sequins are great for evening... wrinkly chino style shorts, not so much.

I found a few great pairs for inspiration...

Elizabeth & James' Striped Ozzy Shorts - the jogger style in silk is fun and flattering.

Cacharel Coral Striped Shorts - the retro feel, the fine knit and the stripe are so versatile and perfect.

Elizabeth & James again... I can't help myself.  The Katia Shorts flirty styling reminds me of a pair of '30's tap pants... sexy and cute.

I'm not to say "I told you so", but I did.  There are so many fabulous pairs of shorts available this season.  You must try at least one.  You won't be sorry.

                                                                                                                         - Allison

*Photos courtesy of shopbop.com.

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