Fab Find... "Hello, lover"

Do you ever feel that you need to completely rebuild your wardrobe?  I am not talking about the feeling that you have nothing to wear.  Rather, a change in lifestyle that leaves you feeling completely unprepared clothing-wise for the activities that the new lifestyle presents???  Well, if you said yes, you are in the right place!  This means you will completely understand where I am coming from today.

For me, my daughters are getting a bit older and are becoming more independent.  I can wear nicer clothes and not worry about getting spit up on, peed on or all dirty at the playground (most of time).  This goes hand in hand with the fact that I am working more (yay!), which means I can't wear jeans everyday.

This may not seem that important to some, but it is a very big deal when it comes to clothing.  To really understand what I am trying to say, I will compare it to graduating from college.  In college you really didn't need much... pajama pants for morning classes, jeans and flip flops for the afternoon and some fun "going out" clothes.  Then, BAM!, you graduate and those clothes aren't getting you anywhere.  All of the sudden, the pj pants are only good for sleeping, jeans are for the weekends and the "going out" clothes should probably just be pitched.  Now that you have entered the real world, you will need (gasp!) "professional clothes"... suits, pants, blouses, pumps, pearls, "Oh my"...

Anywho, I am feeling a bit overwhelmed.  Before children, I was prepared.  I had my assortment of Jackie Twinsets, Express Editor Pants in every color (don't laugh!) and a large collection of extremely pointed toe flats and heels.  Then the babies came... enter yoga pants, tunics and Uggs.  Now, the babies are starting to grow up.  The clothes that I have been wearing for the last 6 years (can you believe it!), aren't as appropriate/needed anymore.  Yes, this means that I only really wear the yoga pants and Uggs at home now - the tunics are still used very frequently.

As you can imagine, this is going to be a long journey that we can take together.  Today it is all about the shoes...  

I am in desperate need of flats!  I kid you not, the few pairs that I have are falling apart.  The most embarrassing are my leopard print flats.  I can't say that they were very expensive (I bought them at the Gap - on sale), but it is really sad when the hair has completely worn off the heels.  So, I tried not to wear them (which is very difficult when they go with everything) while I found a new pair.  

However, I never really found a pair that grabbed me.  I loved the Madewell version, but they have been on backorder for as long as I can remember.  Plus, I have been a bit weary of purchasing another pair made out of calf hair (or whatever they use) due to the wearing out factor.  The only issue really keeping me from making a purchase was the price, but isn't that always the reason...

So, you can imagine my excitement when I was scrolling through J.Crew's sale page and discovered that these beauties were on sale!

On a handful of occasions, the voice of Carrie Bradshaw comes to haunt me, and this was one of them. When I finally opened my delivery the other day, the only words that came to mind were... "Hello, lover"...

Indeed they are a perfect pair of shoes.  They are elegant, chic, and ladylike.  They are extremely flattering, go with everything and I can wear them in the rain.  In other words, I am in love!

I absolutely love the feeling of making a smart buy... this was definitely one of them!

                                                                                                                              - Allison

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