The Most Gorgeous Jewelry... maybe ever.

The Alligator Cuff with Sapphires - I am in love!

Not too long ago, I had the chance to chat with the very talented jewelry designer, Nina Runsdorf.  You might be wondering who Nina is, as I was before I met her.  She is a very private person and it is very difficult to find any information about her or her jewelry.  In a situation such as this, it was great to go right to the source.

Nina started her career in accessories design.  After working with the likes of Banana Republic and Ralph Lauren, Nina started designing one of a kind pieces upon request.  Eventually she started her precious jewelry line, NSR.  It is now sold at select Neiman Marcus stores.  Her precious jewelry line is amazing!  It is very hard to put into words how beautiful, original and wearable the jewelry is... when I first approached her cases my jaw dropped at the beauty, and I had to a double-take to make sure that I was in the fine jewelry department.  Her jewelry has the coolness associated with costume jewelry, it is just too bad (for me!) that theses pieces cost thousands of dollars.  For example, I was able to look at a $200,000 diamond chain opera length necklace!  It was beautiful and very precious.  So precious, that they removed it from the safe for me to look at, and then promptly put it back in the safe!

However, there is a silver lining... Nina has launched a silver line, Silver, Skin & Stone, that is much more affordable.  It has all of the beauty and originality of the NSR line, but silver and semi-precious stones are used.  This line is sold exclusively at Neiman Marcus.

Aren't you curious?  Check out my post for NMdaily for more info on Nina, her jewelry and some pics!

The Diamond Chain Necklace

                                             - Allison

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