A Dainty Heart To Wear Everywhere

I have never really been a heart person.  I never wear hearts, I don't decorate with hearts and I avoid wearing red on Valentine's day.  With that being said, I am not quite sure why I find this dainty little heart ring so adorable.  In fact, I have been so taken with it, I found myself heading back to look at it many times today.  And now, I am writing about it...

The St. Kilda Tiny Heart Ring is available exclusively at MZ Wallace.  It is a hand-painted enamel heart on a sterling silver ring, and was designed and crafted in NYC.  It is the perfect pop of color for any day of the week, and will look fabulous with all of the pinks and yellows this spring.

I love the idea of stacking this ring, but what I was really taken with was how uncomplicated it was.  On a day such as today, when I am dressing up my yoga pants with cashmere, I find the simplicity of this ring very appealing.  It is the perfect complement to the "less is more" moments when your statement pieces are just too much.

While visiting MZ Wallace's website a hundred different times today, I also spied some other great "Valentine's" gifts that would be just as perfect for the big day as they would for the entire spring season.

Mimi in Cayenne... a very sexy "go anywhere" nylon tote!

The Fuschia Snake Leather Angus Pouch is perfect for the girl on the go.  It can be thrown in a bag or carried on it's own while adding the much needed pop of color this season.

For the sophisticated traveler, we have the Neon Red Passport Case.  Need I say more?
MZ Wallace has a website full of great bags that are as indestructible as they are quite chic.  I do not own one yet, but I am hoping to sooner than later.  The problem is with so many fab & functional styles, how are you supposed to decide on just one?!   

                                               - Allison
*Photos courtesy of mzwallace.com.

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  1. allison, i am love love LOVING your blog lately!!! can we please go shopping soon? I am on track with ALL of your picks!