Prepping for My Big Day!

I am off to pull clothes today for my first fashion show!  I will be the stylist and the host... in other words, it will be         a-mah-zing!  The show is focused on gowns for a group of ladies who have a black tie gala in April.  I love the fact that the dress code is "creative black tie".  This means I can have a little fun with the looks while also offering some of your more traditional black tie fare.

I am full of excitement mixed with a touch of anxiety.  My anxiety stems from the fact that you can plan and plan to your heart's content, but there is not much you can do until you get to the store.  I will feel much better after my visit to the Short Hills Neiman Marcus this afternoon!

I did manage to do a quick walk-through over the weekend, which helped to calm my nerves a bit.  I saw some fabulous dresses, got some great ideas and fell in love with two pairs of glittery metallic (one silver, one gold) pointy-toe Manolo's.

I am obsessed with this Chanel cocoon cardigan.  I keeping seeing Coco wearing it with a slinky black dress smoking her cigarette...

These Dolce & Gabbana dresses are fab!  The purple lace would be perfect... hopefully they have the right size!

This silk Ralph Lauren dress is so pretty and simple.  Dressed up, it would be a great alternative to a floor length gown.

More Ralph Lauren... I heart this cashmere cardigan.  Something about cashmere and silk gets my heart fluttering!

I love this print!  This is a big gown...maybe even too dressy, but it is so pretty, bright and happy.  Maybe I can dress it down a titch...

Stay tuned... more to come soon.

                                              - Allison

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