NYFW Fall 2012: Lesson 1

Instead of focusing on the new trends for fall (that we won't wear for 7 months), I wanted to use NY Fashion Week as inspiration for right now!  As we all know, the winter months can be pretty dismal as far as fashion is concerned.  At least for me, when it is cold I seem to lose my inspiration... I just want to stay warm.  So, let's take looks from Fall 2012 and apply them to our closet today.  We might even be able to make smart spring purchases that will carry us through the upcoming fall season too!

First lesson - Layering.  Layering is key any time of the year, but is not always present on the runway.  I love seeing different designers take on this very important part of dressing.  The varying points of view on the topic give us loads of looks to mimic over the next few months.

NYFW is not over yet, but already we have designers putting dresses over button-down shirts, sleeveless dresses over blouses, cropped over long tops and dresses over pants. After going over these looks, I promise you will find so many new looks in your closet... combinations that you never would have thought to put together until now.

10 Crosby Derek Lam
Rachel Zoe
Timo Weiland

My spur of the moment layering this morning... very vintage J.Crew shirt, sweater dress and jeans.  My H&M fur vest, an A&F belt (yes, I did work there at one point in time) and my favorite Frye booties.

I will post more layering inspired looks as I experiment... I am very excited to go "play".
                                                                                                                                 - Allison

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