It's time to take the plunge... Animal Prints Abound!

I still remember buying my first pair of leopard print pumps.  It was right after my oldest daughter was born.  I was so tired of wearing the same clothes for months.  Even worse, I still couldn't fit into any of my pre-pregnancy favorites, so having a fun pump was the perfect accessory to freshen up my very tired wardrobe.  Since then, there has been no going back.  Leopard/cheetah print has now found its way into my closet in many various forms... pumps, flats, belts, scarves and even booties.  The only thing that I have yet to purchase in animal print is clothing... until now!

The leopard/cheetah print has become such a staple lately, that it is really considered a new neutral.  The next time you do some window shopping take a look... animal prints mixed with brights, florals, stripes, polka dots, you name it!  And, yes, my latest obsession has been revealed.  I can't seem to help myself, I am drawn to those darn spots... it is becoming quite a problem.  I have recently added a leopard print maxi cardigan, shift dress and a pair of skinny cropped pants.  Since my wardrobe is primarily solid, this has been a great way to mix it up.  I actually am quite surprised by all of the fun things you can do with this "wild" print.

To illustrate my point, you have to see Tibi's latest arrivals.  This Pre-Spring collection is made up of a fab cheetah print, navy & white stripes, and a navy & white polka dot pattern - a mix & match dream come true!  If I could buy all of this, I would.  Until then, I will dream...

Let me introduce you to the perfect cheetah print...

Picture the possibilities with this print.  You could be trendsetter, a streetsyle dream or super chic... you choose based on your mood.  An easy pairing for a trendsetter type look is a black or white top and bold flats or pumps.  This is easily one of my favorite looks!  I am loving the bright blue right now... it just seems really fresh.  Keep in mind any other bright color will look great red, pink, green...
These Jimmy Choo's or the Pour La Victoire flats would be perfect!

To get you noticed for you streetsyle, pair these pieces with a bright sweater - a great kick-around look for a carefree day.  I absolutely love the Tippi Sweater at J.Crew.  It is affordable, comes in a variety of colors and can be worn with anything.  A splurge-worthy sweater is the Cashmere Isabel Sweatshirt.  It would look great with anything, even over a shift.  Keep the shoes neutral, or pair with a color blocked sandal to really shake things up!

Then there is the more refined, ladylike approach to wearing the animal print... blazers, blouses, maybe a touch of sequins.  This look could be worn to the office, out to dinner or to an event.  I rocked this look last week... let's call it a "vintage" jacket, a black sequin tank, my cheetah print pants and pointy toe black patent pumps.  I loved it!  I felt chic and looked pretty darn good too!  Once again from J.Crew (sorry, I can't help myself), we have the Jubilee Jacket, the Hacking Jacket, the Talitha Blouse and the Sequin Cami

The most important thing to remember with the animal prints is to keep it simple.  Add color, add jewelry but just don't go overboard.  Pick and choose.  The color freshens up the look and keeps it fun, while the more neutral colors... classic black, ivory and white add a certain sophistication to the look.  Just relish the endless opportunities the animal print gives you!

Just hangin' with the Housewives... no big deal. :)
                                          - Allison
*Photos courtesy of tibi.com, jimmychoo.com, shopbop.com and jcrew.com.

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  1. I love animal print. I've been buying it and collecting pieces since High School so you can imagine... My latest crush piece would be a leopard print coat. I actually welcomed 2012 with a pair of leopard print pumps. haha. - Carla