My Favorite Combination... so far...

While attempting my holiday challenge over the last couple of weeks (which turned out great!), I ended up putting together a look that I love.  We were going out for our annual Christmas adult family dinner (i.e. the perfect excuse to get dressed up) and I had nothing to wear.  Every year I look forward to this dinner, not only because it is fun, but it is a reason to get a fab new outfit!  I would have liked to purchase one of the zillion dresses that was sold out or backordered until February (which I have already complained about), but I guess it just wasn't meant to be.  So, I had to shop my closet.

When forced to make your creative juices flow, it really is amazing what you can come up with.  I have been very proud and excited about some of my new combinations lately.  I guess it is really all about rediscovering an older piece of clothing that fits really well.... and then you start to fall in love all over again.

I started with this amazing Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent dress.  I absolutely love this dress, but rarely get to wear it.  It fits like a dream and is very comfortable, but it is hemmed to wear with heels (not so practical with kids).  I am thinking that I should start fooling around with some sort of double-stick tape, and just maybe I could temporarily hem it to wear with all of my flat booties...

Once I had the dress picked out, I needed a topper.  I honestly would have loved to just wear my fur neckwarmer, but since I was going to dinner, live in the 'burbs and I get cold very easily, something didn't feel quite right.  I found several sweaters and jackets that would be good for different occasions, but by far the best was my black hacking jacket from J.Crew.  I love this blazer.  It fits so well and can be worn with anything!

Next up, shoes.  I had been dying to wear my animal print booties, but it just didn't feel right with the blazer.  Then, I caught sight of my leopard print clutch and thought that would be the most perfect bag to finish off my look.  However, if I used this clutch, I would need a black shoe.  I realized that my black bootie selection needs some improvement.  *Note-to-self - pointy toe, hidden platform black booties are a must have.*  So, I was back to the drawing board.  I could go with pumps, but I felt a little weird wearing pumps with a long maxi.  It just doesn't feel very "new" for a less formal event.  I stewed for a few minutes and finally decided to pull out my platform snakeskin pumps.  I figured that I could get by with a pump if I am mixing prints and it has a noticeable platform... I think it worked.

I didn't wear much jewelry... just some "go to" oversized crystal earrings from J.Crew and my beloved Alexis Bittar cocktail ring (I should probably put that on my Obsessions page).  For a bag I went to me always handy Rachel Zoe QVC black patent clutch.  By the way, this one of my best purchases... ever!  I use it all of the time and it looks great!

The result...

I felt very regal and polished... a bit like Kate Middleton!  Now I just have to work on my poses. 

                                               - Allison

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