Ken on Project Runway All Stars... tonight!

Tonight begins one of the most anticipated seasons of Project Runway... the All Stars version.  Personally, the anticipation has been killing me!  Thirteen of our most favorite contestants, an unbelievable prize, and my beloved Neiman's sponsoring the accessories wall... this is going to be good.  And for all of you not completely familiar with the show, the fact that Neiman's is sponsoring the wall means the style quotient just went way up... seriously!

One more very important reason that you should all watch tonight... my favorite fashion director Ken Downing is the guest judge!  If you have never seen Ken in action, this is your chance... he is fabulous!

For a refresher on the cast, check out The Cut's cliff notes version... very informative!  For more info on my favorites (they are so cool in person!) Austin Scarlett and Elisa Jiminez, check out my write up for NMdaily.

Let the drama begin...

                                                                                                      - Allison

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