Not Just for the Gym

I admit it, I am a wannabe yogi and dancer.  There is something to be said for the physical/emotional/mental benefits (a great yoga class rivals the after effects of a good chiropractic adjustment), but I think my real reason is for the clothes (what a surprise!).  I often find myself daydreaming about running to class in chic little hoodie layered over very cool but comfy exercise clothes.  After class, I would layer up again and be able to run all over town looking great.  I wouldn't have to worry about looking like a sweaty mess that just came from the gym.

The reality of the situation is that I have been trying to make it to a yoga class for over a month, and I haven't quite found a dance class that would fit into my schedule (zumba doesn't count).  My exercise clothes consist of a lot of old tee's and yoga pants that are so old that they are looking more gray than black.  With my days getting more hectic, I have realized that it might be worthwhile to invest a little more into clothes for the gym.  My reasoning is that if I spend a little more money and buy pieces with some style, I will end up with cute clothes that can be worn all day.  Therefore, these pieces will become part of my daily uniform.  With the majority of my days consisting of running around my girls, writing when I can and hopefully exercising at some point it seems like an efficient solution.

It must have been fate because yesterday I open my mailbox to find a new catalog... Sweaty Betty.  Maybe you have heard of them, but this was the first time I had heard of the London based company.  They design women's activewear that blends fashion and function perfectly.  Honestly, some of these pieces are so cute that I find it hard to believe that you are supposed to wear them to the gym, but I guess that is the beauty of the sweat wicking fabric.  Don't you love technology?!

I was trying to decide on the pieces to feature in my post, and I honestly can't decide... I have too many favorites!  So, I am just going to show you the what first caught my interest...  

Cute, right?!  I can't wait to see what's in store for Spring!

                                                                                                                          - Allison

*Photos courtesy of sweatybetty.com

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