The Holiday Challenge

Has this ever happened to you?  While efficiently Christmas shopping online, my eye may have wandered  a time or two to look for something fun to wear during the holiday festivities.  Then I find it, the perfect dress/skirt/blouse!  I come back to purchase a few hours later to find out that the item has sold out (or is on backorder until 2.6.12)!  Seriously?!  When I start to browse around for a replacement item, I realize that the entire web is backordered until February and I have nothing to wear!

At this point I start to wonder (just like I do in all fashion emergencies)... what would Carrie do?  The answer comes almost immediately... head back to where it all begins... my closet.  Carrie Bradshaw was a mix master.  Always pairing the most unexpected pieces, and it always (just about every time) worked!  Why can't I do the same thing?  My wardrobe is not as diverse as Carrie's but there has to be something good in there, right?

I can guarantee that we all have great pieces tucked away that we don't wear on a day to day basis.  Or, wear something in a way that you haven't worn it before... pair a sparkly sweater with a cute dress and voilà... a new skirt!  Or take a cute dress and tuck it into a great full skirt... a new top!  Layer a lace tee under a sleeveless top, or stick a sequin dress or tank under something sheer.  The options are endless!

Browsing online at streetstyle blogs or images of your favorite celebrities can also be a great source of inspiration.  These images of Carrie have been burned in my brain... they define my style to a T.

My holiday challenge is this... get your creative juices flowing and mix and match what you already own.  I am betting that you will be amazed at the fabulous ensembles that you create without buying a thing! This is the perfect time of year to really have fun with your outfit and make a statement.

Let me know how it goes...  

                                                                                                - Allison

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