Which to choose???

Leopard print is going to be hot this Fall!  Sounds familiar, right?  Yes, it does.  Why, you ask?  Because leopard is declared a must-have every season!  Granted, some seasons it is more of an accent (such as this Fall), and others it is much more of a player... showing up as dresses, blouses, etc (such as this past Spring).   The takeaway... everyone should own some sort of leopard print accessory.  
Now, I do believe that this is an essential print for every wardrobe, but it is better to own it as an accent versus a piece of clothing.  You could start small... a belt or scarf, or be a bit more daring... a handbag or shoes!  You will not be disappointed, I promise.  This print is a great way to add interest to an otherwise monochromatic outfit, or it is a great addition to a fun & colorful bohemian look.  Seriously, however you wear it, you will look fabulous!
Okay, now back to my original point, leopard print pumps.  Since, these really are a must have this fall and beyond, it is important to choose a pair that are going to go the distance season after season.  First, ditch the ultra high platform (the first picture).  They really do look a bit ridiculous, and the older we get so do we when we wear them!  Second, the lace-up bootie.  I love this shoe!  It is a perfect addition for this season & is a great shoe for a more daring girl.  It has a bit of a platform, which is perfect, and this makes it a bit more modern looking.  (*Note to self - any platform over an inch should be seriously considered.)  You can’t go wrong with this shoe!  The last option is the classic pump.  As always this is a great option, especially for the more conservative woman.  This pump is also guaranteed to look chic season after season.
In conclusion, you must purchase a leopard print pump this Fall!  Just base your decision on your lifestyle and wardrobe.  And, hold onto your leopard print flats as well, they are & always will be a must have for every woman!
                                    - Allison

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