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Well, it has officially begun... the Fall clothing season, that is.  With that, bring on the deluge of the “new, must-have” coats, shoes, jewelry & of course, handbags!  
However, continuing with the overriding theme of the last several seasons, there really isn’t one “it” bag this Fall.  There are definitely trends, but it is really about you picking the right bag for your style, lifestyle & wardrobe.  
As a mother and stylist, I always lean towards bigger bags, period.  They can be structured or slouchy, it doesn’t matter as long as they are oversized.  With that said, the first bags that I have been drawn to this season are satchels and totes.  Not only are they nice and roomy, but they all come with the longer shoulder strap, so in a pinch you can throw the bag on messenger style and ta da... hands free!  A great feature for women on the go! 
The color is another factor in my attraction to these bags.  I LOVE the bright blue... I keep thinking how it would pop with black, grey, navy, camel...  The green is also a beautiful color for the colder months, and a little different.  The neutral brown bag has a nice rich color that doesn’t strike me as being the typical “brown bag”, and it will go with everything.  In other words, I would like all of these bags, please!
Who makes these bags, you ask... well, none other than my faves... Tory Burch... the blue bag is the Dayton Messenger, the neutral bag is the Norah Satchel, and the green tote is the Exhibitor Mega Tote from J.Crew.  Once again, a great take on classic styling, fairly affordable (as far as designer handbags go), and they are great for everyday wear!
                                   - Allison
*photos are courtesy of Tory Burch & J.Crew

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