Must have Fall accessories...

Albertus Swanepoel Fedora
Rhodie Tote
Mongolian Lamb Vest
If you have learned already, I have a serious obsession with J.Crew!  I guess my obsession stems from the fact that J.Crew is usually a more affordable, but still a very stylish option.  The clothing also fits very well into most women's lifestyles.  I also like the fact that their preppy roots keep the clothing and accessories from going over the top... as an example, the jewelry is flashy & sparkly, but doesn't become too glitzy & Vegas looking.  They maintain some sort of muted/subtle feeling, which I believe is a much more chic choice.

With that being said, J.Crew has started to unveil new Fall arrivals and I am super excited!  Here are just a few of my must haves (although, some will be going on my "must have wish list"!)...
Martinete Feather Jacket

Sequined Jersey Bloomer

Mongolian Lamb Stole

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