Definitely not for everyone...

Alright, so let’s talk about the new trend of sweatshirt dressing... hmmm...  Well, it can be very cute and fresh, IF worn the right way.  Otherwise, you are going to look like the frumpy housewife that we all dread becoming one day!

First & most importantly, you must wear pieces that are fitted or at least body-skimming... modern cuts only!  You are not allowed to step out in a pair of old sweatpants & booties, or your favorite old sweatshirt paired with a pair of dressy shorts.  However, if you purchase a new sweatshirt dress with lace (a` la D&G dress above) or maybe a slim cut dress (the Vince dress below) that you could dress up with a belt or jewelry, you will be the talk of the town.  

Beware of a hoody (to the right) or a pair sweatpants (bottom right).  Believe me, they are just not going to translate well to the real world... ie. playing with fire!  So if you dare, stick to a “sweatshirt” like the one from J.Crew (pictured below), or a “sweatdress”.  Then, you dress it up with statement jewelry and fabulous shoes!  
I personally love my J.Crew sweatshirt!  I wear it with my pearls or belted over a cute skirt... so fun! Just think feminine and you should be just fine.

*photos courtesy of shopbop.com, jcrew.com, bergdorfgoodman.com & madewell.com

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