My oh My... the perfect Clutch!

Not too long ago some friends of mine told me about this great bag that I must see, and guess what... they were right!  My first thought, when I saw one of these fabulous clutches, was... “where have you been all of my life?”...  
Not only are these SNAP handbags the cutest... they are very practical, affordable, eco-friendly, & made in the U.S.... plus the designer/founder, Jennifer Liljegren, is from our very own Bergen County!  She has created a classicly shaped bag available in 10 different colors & patterns.  All are lined with her signature turquoise satin lining, and... the really fun part... is that you choose the color of your magnetic button closure from 4 different color combos (to match your jewelry!).
I know that another major concern about clutches are there size, well, that is perfect as well!  The bag is not oversized, but large enough to hold your keys, phone, lipstick, credit cards... all the necessities! Really, the only problem that you might run into... which one to purchase?  I don’t know about you, but I am loving the animal print as well as the orange print... decisions, decisions. :)
Believe me, you can’t go wrong with any of these bags... just choose one based on your wardrobe.  Use the bag as a way to add a pop of color, some interest, or a bit of elegance.  And, this is very important, these bags can be used all year long... they are seasonless!  It really doesn’t get much better than that, except that these bags are on sale for $84!
Hurry, grab your SNAP bag now... available at snaphandbags.com or possibly a boutique near you (check the website).
P.S.  These would be a great gift... and, totes are coming soon!
            - Allison

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