The excitement builds...

After an exhausting day of travel to LA, I awoke to blue skies, no humidity and beautiful Beverly Hills.  I enjoyed my surroundings for about 5 minutes, and then I began to freak out just a bit.  Today is the day!  I am supposed to report to Neiman Marcus at 3:30 sharp!  I was a bundle of nerves.  Honestly, you would think that I was getting married today.  After pacing around my hotel room (did I mention that I was staying in a boutique hotel, hence not much room for feeling anxious!), Greg (my Rodger) and I decided that we should head out for a stroll.  When staying in Beverly Hills, where else is there to go than Rodeo Drive...

Let's just say that I was not disappointed!  We arrived before the stores opened and there was such a surreal feeling. Immaculate streets and storefronts, beautiful flowers, eye-catching windows... it was as if I was in the ultimate amusement park for women!  Not to mention, watching every person who walked past us taking photos (including us!)... I admit it, we dorked out for a minute or two.

Eventually, we ended up at a great outdoor spot... it just so happened to be in front of Tiffany & Co.  I must say that on a morning like this, the only place that I would want to eat breakfast is at Tiffany's!

After my delightful California style yogurt parfait (very hard to find at all of the diners in NJ), we had to check out Neiman's... I can barely contain my excitement at this point.  Too bad it is only 11am. 

Another reason I love LA, all of the Spanish/Mexican influenced architecture.  I love this fountain (I think it was in front of Saks).  I felt like I should be on a hacienda somewhere... I don't think I could make this look work in Bergen County.

Then it was back to the hotel pool... very quiet and relaxing... love!

Okay, so I had to finish up some last minute work.  At least I was able to have a mimosa... yummy!  Can you believe that I almost didn't get to the room in time to get ready.  Who would have thought on a day like this?!


By the way, I am so happy to have brought my Tucker tunic.  I thought I was going to be wearing it while exploring LA, but it was just as perfect sitting by the pool!

Finally, I get back to my room, only to be surprised by beautiful flowers.  I love the Beverly Hills Neiman's PR team, they are amazing!

And now, it is time to get ready... 

                                     - Allison

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