Fashion Week begins...

You may or may not be aware that New York's Spring 2012 Fashion Week kicked off today!  I would love to say that I was there, or that I am going to be... alas, I am packing to go on vacation (Bermuda... shhh!). I am extremely disappointed not to be able to attend any shows.  Consequently, I will try to do my best to pass on some of my favorite shows and looks.

So far today, I can't say that I have seen too much that really excites me... with the exception of Rachel Comey and 10 Crosby Derek Lam.  These shows were probably much more impressive in person, so just take this as my initial reaction.  I may be changing my tune later on.

Here are a few looks that I like... my first impression was midi's and maxi's are here to stay (at least through the spring).  Floral prints are a mainstay.  Colors are all over the place depending on the designer's inspiration... neutrals, subdued, soft and bold.  Most importantly, everything seems to be very wearable (good news!).

Richard Chai - Love Collection

Mimi Plange

Porter Grey

Rachel Comey (I love how this could be dressed down or glammed up!)

10 Crosby Derek Lam (I love the bold color and graphic looks... it feels fresh and fun!)

                                           - Allison
*Photos courtesy of wwd.com.

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