Pulled my "Top Picks", its Showtime!

Yay!  The Current Event at Neiman Marcus starts today, and so do my top picks at the Paramus NM!  I can't wait to post pics, but until then you will have to stop by the 2nd floor to check them out.  I tried to touch on most of the trends, but wanted my picks to be pieces that you are really going to wear and be able to mix and match.  There is fur, some '70's glamour, a bit of sparkle, bold color... let's just say that I wish all of my picks could have a home in my closet!

As I cruised around the contemporary department with my rolling rack, the I could not stop "ooohing" and "ahhhing" over everything.  The hardest part was editing down my picks to a complete look for one mannequin and then 5 must have pieces.  Well, I couldn't quite edit my must haves down to the 5 pieces, but I came close... In the end, it all comes down to your lifestyle, as it always does.  Whether you stay at home or are in the office everyday, there are definitely pieces to fit your needs.

This is a pic of the fab Pedro Garcia peep-toe shooties I picked to complete my look.  I am completely obsessed!  They are a perfect transitional shoe, plus you can add tights when the weather gets cooler.

Stay tuned for a full report...

And, coming very soon, my write up on my day with Rachel Zoe and Ken Downing!  I am making some finishing touches and will be posted on Bergen Health & Life's website very soon!  Plus, I have lots of pics to post as well!

                                      - Allison

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