Outfit Idea: Perfectly Perfect for all Occasions

I have become a bit obsessed with less is more since writing about Dior's New Look.  Tailoring, perfect fit, no fuss, polished... these words keep floating through my head.  The question is how to translate this into a chic summer/transitional look?  

Well, in my opinion, nothing is better than the dress.  It is hassle-free and does not require trying to figure out if what top you should wear with which bottoms.  There is much less stress involved as well a smaller chance that you are going to walk out the door as a fashion don't (believe me, I've been there!)  The greater the experimentation factor, the larger the chance of disaster.

More specifically, during this time of the year I would stick with a shift or something in a similar vein.  I have dedicated many posts to the shift because I wholeheartedly believe in it.  It lends itself to many different situations... such as a weekend in the Hamptons with a great hat, cool sandals and fab sunnies.  

New York Fashion Week is right around the corner.  A shift would be chic option with heels and some killer jewelry. Remember, it is still quite hot in September.

Or maybe you are just heading to work... a sexy pair of pointy toe pumps will up your style quotient in a heartbeat.  Add a cute jacket to keep you warm while indoors.

The nice thing about shifts is that they are everywhere.  There is definitely something for every personality... structured and edgy, whimsical/bohemian or straight up preppy.  I am currently fawning over to new J. Crew arrivals (what a shock!)... 

The Allie Dress (do you think they named it after me?!).

 Same dress, different look.

The Jules Dress...

Anthropologie offers a take on the polk dot trend... the Flocked Cobalt Dress.

The new Alice + Olivia Needle Punch Shift for the city girl...

My favorite Tibi Long Sleeve Dress couldn't be more perfect...

That's it.  Simple, chic and no fuss.  Isn't that what it's all about?

                                                                                                                  - Allison

*Photos courtesy of morningpassages.com, washingtonstylereporter.com, fathomway.com, cottages-gardens.cm, hamptons.com, blog.omghaute.com, jcrew.com, anthropologie.com, nordstrom.com and shopbop.com.

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