Currently Coveting: The Dome Satchel

I think that is safe to say that we would all love to own an "It" bag one day.  It probably will never happen, but that is what daydreaming is for...  However, there are so many beautiful bags, it is hard to keep track of all of them.  I feel like it is a constant blitz with photos of "who is carrying what", while the Fashion Gods keep promoting the most coveted bags... new ones each month!  So, when it comes to deciding which bag is for you, the decision becomes very difficult.  For me, I still have several favorites that seem to stood the test of time... for at least a few seasons.

The illusive Hermès Birkin Bag.  I would literally die for an oversized one in dark brown crocodile (that sounds horrible, but it is so gorgeous!).

The classic Chanel Quilted Large Flap Bag.  I once saw Jenna Lyons at the Paramus J. Crew carrying a very large version in mint.  It was fabulous!

The rugged Chloe Marcie Shoulder Bag...  This is my "go to" everyday bag.  Big enough for everything, still cool and not too perfect.

The perfect YSL Muse.  Enough said... except that this may be the one to purchase in a black patent or red.  Hmmm...

The always chic Louis Vuitton Alma.  I always see super chic women carrying this around, and I think to myself... if I were to carry this, would I alway look so put together?

The biggest problem about these gorgeous bags is if you were able to buy just one, which would you choose?  For me, it might be an impossible decision to make.  It really depends on your mood, right?  Whether or not you are feeling ladylike, a little boho, possibly a bit French...

It is just too bad that these bags require such a large investment.  That is why (for this exact reason) I have been very excited to share Tory Burch's new Robinson Dome Satchel.  Lady-like, polished, structured and at least one third of the price, this bag is a must have for Fall.  The perfect way to indulge in a classic handbag, without going bankrupt.

What I love most about this bag is it's ability to add a certain sense of sophistication to any look.  Whether you are dressed professionally, headed into a day at the office or running around town in your leather pants, this bag keeps you looking like a lady.

It is available in navy, a beautiful luggage brown or black... all very classic color choices.  An excellent choice for those who would like to build a lasting handbag collection.

                                                                                                                        - Allison

*Photos courtesy of google.com, chanel.com. nordstrom.com, ysl.com, louisvuitton.com and toryburch.com.

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