A Perfect Gift...

Since we are all in the gift-giving spirit right now, I thought that this would be the perfect time to mention Gorjana jewelry.  I know that I have mentioned her jewelry in a previous post, but that was before I owned her studded leather wrap bracelets... 3 to be exact.  And, I love them!  They are so delicate (but so cool), which makes them perfect for layering and for everyday wear.  I feel like hot stuff (seriously... hot, hot, hot) when I wear them, and I don't have to worry about knocking my daughter in the head with some chunky bracelet (yes, this has happened on occasion)... so what could be more perfect???

Well, not much could be more perfect than that... except giving a gift that someone truly loves!  Okay, since we are all on the same page right now, you must check out Gorjana's jewelry for all of the women that you are buying for this holiday season.  She has very delicate necklaces that are screaming to be layered, cool cuff bracelets, beautiful earrings... some more statement, some very delicate, as well as a bunch of really cool rings (I especially love the cuff ring!).  And, do you want to know the best part (besides these are all very classic, chic pieces of jewelry)... it is all very affordable!  I cannot honestly give you a name of a jewelry designer that has such tasteful pieces at such reasonable price points.

Gorjana's backstory is really cool as well... she was born in Yugoslavia, moved to Canada, became a model and then a jewelry designer (and very recently, handbags too)!!!  I really do believe that everyone has a specific path, although it may be filled with many muddy roads and potholes, eventually she will enter the place that she was always supposed to be... that is how it is with Gorjana... beautiful!

- Allison
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*photos courtesy of gorjana.com

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