As I drove my daughter to preschool this morning, I was trying to decide what to wear... you must understand that I am not a morning person, and the most I can manage before school are my "comfy clothes" (otherwise known as dressed up jammies).  Why is my decision is so hard today... it is definitely the weather.  It is 40 degrees, gray, windy and spitting half frozen rain.  It is that time of the year where there are more leaves on the ground than on the trees, but I am actually a bit excited because you know the holiday season is just around the corner!

Then, suddenly, as I was mesmerized by the colors of what was left of the Fall foliage... a lightbulb went on!  I have got it!  I want to wear a beautiful floral dress, layered with a tissue t-neck or a gray chunky knit sweater belted over it and, of course, my Frye boots.  Now, I don't own this fabulous dress, but a Ralph Lauren gown came to mind as did many other beautiful designer florals.  It just seemed like a perfect day to wear something that is pretty, feminine and cozy while adding that element of ruggedness. I think that this will be my perfect November outfit... we can all dream, right?!

After all of this daydreaming, I have come to the conclusion that we must all have a Fall floral dress in our closets.  It will be our "go to" on days when we feel a bit down or just need to feel pretty.  Plus, you could dress it up with faux fur and heels for an evening out, or winterize it a bit more and wear it out to dinner after a long day of skiing.  The options are endless.  Most importantly, you can probably find a great dress at Forever 21!  Really you have no excuses, go get your dress!  Me, I think I will be adding one to my Christmas list!

                         - Allison

*photos courtesy of bergdorfgoodman.com & neimanmarcus.com 

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