An exciting makeover...

For awhile now, there has been quite a void in the market for affordable, fashionable clothing for women about 40 and older.  Now, I am not being an ageist or anything like that, it is just a fact (seriously, when you are 45, you are not going to want to wear a taffeta miniskirt when you go out, are you???).  As we get older our preferences for stylish clothing don't change, it is just some of things that you wore when you were younger just aren't as appropriate anymore (such as shorter hemlines).  Women, in general, tend to prefer more tailored and elegant pieces as they age... classic versus trendy... heavier fabrics that skim the body versus tight, clingy clothing.

The exciting news is that Talbots has stepped up and has begun to fill this void in the market!  "Talbots?!", you say... "my mother wears Talbots."  This isn't your mother's Talbots... or, should I say, this is now your Talbots too!  Talbots has just revamped their line.  They have gone back to their roots and revisited the original vision of founder, Nancy Talbot.  She wrote in a store publication that the clothes in her store are "fashionable but not funky - chic and understated, the hallmarks of good taste."  And, the designers have done a great job of living up to this vision!

So what exactly is Talbots doing differently?  Well,  they have taken many of the current trends... sequins, lace, chunky knits, leopard print, etc... and used them in the design of tailored, timeless shapes that are very flattering for women of every age.  And, fear not, those of you who love all of Talbots basics... they are still there, the fit has just been updated.  In general, the clothes are more tailored to a woman's body now... the days of the boxy shirt or jacket and the pants that have no shape are gone.  No matter what you wear, the fit is the most important factor in any piece of clothing that you own.

My advice to you... go take a look at Talbots... a far cry from "your mother's store"!

                                                                 - Allison
*all photos courtesy of talbots.com

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