Chunky Knits plus much, much more...

On the brink of the cold "winter" weather tomorrow, all I can think about are cozy sweaters, cute tunics, fabulous belts... anything and everything that has to do with layering!  It might as well snow tomorrow with the outfits that I have planned!  When I get into this mood, I head straight to my computer... "Free People, here I come"... to fulfill all of my clothing fantasies.

You may be wondering about my choice in stores... are they too young???  Well, in general, they do market towards twenty-somethings, but if you look close enough there are many pieces that will fit nicely into your wardrobe.  Plus, the bohemian feel of Free People adds a bit of fun and whimsy (we all need a dose here and there).  Another positive of the store... when you add a piece of their clothing or an accessory, you are not going to look like everyone else.

In general, I love their sweaters, dresses (many can be worn as tunics), and jewelry.  They also have great knit tops and slips to use as your base when layering.  The prices are reasonable (for the most part) and, of course, there are many splurge-worthy items... especially in the jewelry department!  You just have to remember that you are probably not going to wear the items the way they are styled online or in the store.  But, I do recommend checking out the website and just remember to think outside the box a bit... have some fun!  

                         - Allison
P.S. This is a great store for gift items!
*photos courtesy of freepeople.com

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