Targét on the Town

My love for the new Kirna Zabête for Target line is no secret.  After purchasing this shift from my local Targèt, I could hardly wait to wear it.  I christened the shift on a fun night out - dinner & drinks.  I got rave reviews, and dropped jaws when I shared the source of my fab dress.

The best part of the dress (aside from a great deal) is that it has enough going on that you don't have to worry about accessorizing.  I paired my dress with open-toe booties, a leather jacket, black clutch, a sleek pair of silver earrings and and an edgy cocktail ring.  Done and done.

I have been trying not to wear my new shift too much, but I can't help myself.  This dress has so many moods, it really just depends on the shoes...

And then you can change up the jackets...

Join me now for a fun game of dress up...

Here I am going to run errands... tall boots or flats.  I would add my denim trench, or the black faux fur vest that I have my eye on.

Now I am headed out for drinks... my punkish booties and a leather jacket.

Today I am a lady who lunches... pointy toe heels and a trench - perfect.

Who knew you could do so much with a $35 dress?  What a steal!

                                                                                                                                 - Allison

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