Variations on the LBJ

Since I wrote my post on Friday (The New Must Have... the LBJ) I have been obsessing over Julianna Margulies' awesome ensemble.  I promised to come up with some affordable options so that we too could look as fab as she did on Kelly & Michael last week.  I searched all weekend.  And, as I find with all clothes in the reasonable price range - there is never anything that is classically chic.  Everything has to have some detail that makes it more trendy... ugh!  I do not want cut-outs, sequins or extremely flared legs.  I would just like a piece of clothing that I can wear season after season.  Why does it have to be so difficult?

Even more frustrating, I cannot find a full-length picture of Julianna's look for the life of me.  I have searched high and low, and the best I can do are these "headshots" from Tess Giberson's tumblr page.

I am sure that In Style, People or US will have shots soon, but that is not really helping the cause right now.  However, you get a sense of how great she looked.

A bit disappointed with the above, I began pondering other options.  I finally decided to recreate her look with some separates that you may or may not own already.  These pieces really are staples that can be worn in a zillion different ways, and will stand the test of time.  I tweaked the look a bit, but I am loving it...

First, we have the indestructible silk cami...
J. Crew's Silk Cami

Add, possibly, the most perfect pair of black pants...

Theory's Max C Original Tailor Pant

Definitely would wear my most favorite pair of heels this season... who says aubergine can't be versatile?
Jean-Michel Cazabat Emma Two Tone Pumps

Once again, Alexis Bittar has just the right jewelry...

Alexis Bittar Crystal Encrusted Long Spear Necklace

Since we are using aubergine shoes, why not add an emerald green ring...

Alexis Bittar Siyabona Midnight Cushion Ring

 I am crushing on this patent leather bag.  A perfect finishing touch.

3.1 Phillip Lim 31 Minute Bag

Done and done.  This would look great with faux fur or a leather jacket.  If you are going for a more conservative look, a tweed jacket would be fab as well.

                                                                                                                      - Allison

*Photos courtesy of tessgiberson.tumblr.com, jcrew.com, theory.com and shopbop.com.

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