Another Reason to Love Burberry...

Who doesn't love Burberry???  I know that you all either own something with the trademark plaid, or you would love to own something... myself, I am dying for the classic Burberry trench as well as the most beautiful bag that I saw in the window the other day...  Anywho, since I can't buy my beautiful bag, I will survive with my new Burberry makeup!!!

The makeup is what I am so excited to tell you about!  I read an article about the launch of the makeup line several months ago.  After reading Christopher Bailey, the creative director, talk about the makeup and how it relates to the Burberry brand, I was sold... I had to try it.  He explained how it was a very natural looking makeup line.  Not too dramatic, just the right shades to brighten you up your face and enhance your natural beauty.  Imagine yourself in the English countryside for the weekend... wearing tweed jackets, comfy wool sweaters, wellies... walking through the fields, riding horses, etc... what would your makeup look like?  That is where Burberry comes in... it is fabulous!

A little taste of the clothes...
My bag... I die!
Such a great mix of classic & edgy...

Now, I do love the entire concept of the makeup line, but it is the lipstick that I got really excited about!  (I didn't have time to try everything... going back in a few weeks for the works... I'll let you know how it goes.)  Personally, I have been trying to find the perfect lip color that is a mix between a stain and a lipstick.  I like having a bright pop on my lips without doing the perfect pout, using liner, etc.  So, I have tried many different brands... glosses, pots, lipsticks, etc.  Nothing was quite right.  Then, hello, Burberry!  From the minute I put it on, I knew it was right.  It is creamy, but has a bit of a glossy look.  And, it isn't drying.  It doesn't have that heavy lipstick feel, and it is not slippery like gloss.  You do not need a pencil and can even apply with your finger as a stain, if you prefer.  Sheer perfection!

The packaging is also great... it makes you feel special!  The plaid is on everything... compacts, caps even the makeup itself.  Seriously, you must try!  A little on the expensive side, but I am feeling that is completely worth it!  Go try for yourself (available at Nordstroms)... let me know.

                         - Allison

*photos courtesy of burberry.com & makeupandbeautyblog.com

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