Liberty United: Jewelry With a Purpose

I feel as though I have been one of the biggest fashion ruts in history.  Not sure if it is due to the demands of my family (i.e. a slave to my girls' schedule), the lack of inspiring fashion this past season or simply that I am transitioning my own style... I have been feeling a bit more grown up these days.
Either way, it has been bad.  However, with summer on it's way out and a good dose of September-like weather - my creative juices seem to be flowing again.

Cut to a good friend of mine showing me a very cool bracelet that she just purchased at a trunk show last week.  It's not your typical Stella & Dot or Lia Sophia piece, it is a creative piece with meaning behind it.  So, what else would I do other than share it with you...

I could go on and on, but I am going to give you the cliff notes version.  It began with Peter Thum who founded Ethos water to help fund water sanitization programs in Africa as well as Asia and Latin America.  While working on these projects he was inspired to help reduce firearms in Africa.  This led to the creation of Fonderie 47.

Fonderie 47's mission is to turn reclaimed guns into high end art and jewelry.  Each piece contains the serial number of one of the weapons that has been destroyed.  Thum has worked with various jewelry designers and artists to create very unique and beautiful pieces with the proceeds going back to help take more assault rifles out of circulation.

The success of Fonderie 47 has led to the creation of Liberty United.  The brainchild of Peter's wife Cara, Liberty United is a jewelry company that puts the focus back on gun violence in the United States.  Committed to helping reduce gun violence on our own soil, each piece of jewelry contains the serial number of a gun that has been destroyed and taken out of circulation.  Proceeds from the sale of these pieces then go to various programs that are trying to reduce gun violence.  And, did I mention that all of these pieces are also made in the United States?!

Now for the fun part - Liberty United's first collaboration is with Philip Crangi.  He is none other than the designer behind Giles & Brother - one of my fave jewelry lines.  He has taken his signature railroad spike (a symbolization of the American spirit - to pioneer and build with courage), and made railroad spike necklaces, rings and bracelets made with bullets or gun metal.

Available in brass, steel, sterling silver or a gun metal and gold combo - these pieces are amazing.  While obviously a silver or gold bracelet is going to be quite an investment, a brass or steel bracelet is much more reasonable.  Not to mention they would look great with an arm full of Alex & Ani bracelets.

I can't wait to purchase one... or more.  Which one will look best with my rainbow loom bracelets??

                                                                                                            - Allison
*Photos courtesy of fonderie47.com and libertyunited.com.

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