All You Really Need is... Plaid

Isn't it funny how life changes... I am not getting all philosophical on you, I promise.  Just musing...

As a result of my big closet purge, I did a lot of reflecting on my wardrobe and life.  First, I realized that as much as I live and breathe fashion, the reality is that I spend the vast majority of my time rotating between a very limited amount of exercise clothing (I am dead serious!).  While I would prefer to look my best everyday, it just doesn't work that way right now.  Some days are glamourous and exciting, and the rest... I  am just a glorified housekeeper and taxi service.  Welcome to mommyhood!

Anywho, this led me to start thinking about how, as women, each phase of our lives has a direct impact on our closets. Think about it... there is your first foray into the working world.  It's all about ditching your pj pants and looking professional.  Then there is becoming a mommy.  If this happens to be your life path, you will learn that you don't want to wear anything nice for a long while.  Next up - stay at home mommy, working mommy or possibly changing your job and work environment.  This calls for the need to clean out, pare down and rebuild the basics - the basics needed depend on your stage in life.    Then the kids get older, your career progresses and you turn 40.  Now, it is time to reassess again - are you too trendy?  Eventually the kids go to college, you might start working part-time, or possibly even retire... this will call for a whole new look.  Are you prepared??

I am not writing this to cause an anxiety attack, but really just to help you set your sights on the end game.  I have realized that I don't really "need" that much right now (except for a several different pairs of exercise pants), but that doesn't mean we can't update our wardrobe each season.  We just have to stay focused...

So, moving on, a trend that I looove right now (perfect for any age) is the plaid shirt.  It can be dressed down (jeans and flats) or dressed up (with a pencil skirt).  It is perfect for everyday or a night out... it has a loads of versatility.  So, buy one and instantly create many new looks - perfect!

Plaid can be worn with jeans, leather or even animal print.  Just remember to get the right fit.  Oversize is great for casual days and skinny pants, but for nights out and dressier occasions, a fitted shirt is best.  I am a sucker for any plaid with navy (it is my signature color)... favoring bright plaids with animal prints, while darker versions seem to work better with black and leather.

A few examples of what I am trying to describe...

This is a great shot of the Man Repeller, Leandra Medine, for Barney's...  I need this look.

 On another note, I just bought this buffalo check shirt from who else... J.Crew.  

I felt like it was screaming to be worn with winter white.  This tuxedo skirt might just be the one...

On the other hand, a bright plaid looks fab with a leopard print.

I prefer a clutch, belt or bracelet...

Clare Vivier's Oversized Clutch... love!
J. Crew Calf Hair Wide Belt
J. Crew Wild Side Wide Bangle

And then on those casual days, plaid works well with skinnies and flats or a skirt and boots.  So many options... Enjoy!

                                                                                                                               - Allison

*Photos courtesy of jcrew.com, rugby.com, shoplesnouvelles.com, google.com, barneys.com.

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