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I have wanted to write about this topic for some time now!  It all started with the hype around Kate & William's wedding.  Every time I turned on a talk show the host was trying on custom made fascinators.  I almost died!  They were gorgeous!  And, let's not forget outrageously expensive!  The price really isn't important because I can't really see myself wearing one of these creations.  Maybe one day... when I get invited to a high profile wedding or polo match.  Until then, I regard these fascinators as pieces of art.  I would just like to own one to display as I would a painting...  hmmm, I should have a chat with my hubby about that.

Anywho, it just so happens that I have several weddings to attend this summer.  After all of the fascinator talk, I started to think about how a fascinator on a smaller scale might be a great way to change up the dress I will undoubtedly wear to at least 5 different functions.  I have learned that I do not need a new dress for every event (especially if I can't think of several different ways to wear it), but I do need to be able to style it differently for these events.  Jewelry and belts are a given... so are different shoes.  But what about something different?  Maybe a new hair accessory would be the answer!

Since this is supposed to be a cost effective solution, I checked out my one of my favorite websites... Etsy.  And, once again, it did not disappoint.  I found many (honestly, thousands) of beautiful headbands, clips and combs, but there was one seller that I found myself drawn to... LovMely.  Mellissa Miles, the artist behind these beautiful hairpieces, also sells jewelry, cuffs, a bridal collection... she even does custom orders!  You must check her out on Etsy or her website.  You can even like her facebook.  If you are looking for something a little different that won't break the bank, this is the way to go...

Some of my favorite LovMely items...

                                       - Allison

*Photos courtesy of bellasugar.com, justmomsanddaughters.com, etsy.com/shop/LovMely

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